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Is Your Script Ready?

You've just completed the latest draft of your script. Based on feedback from friends and family, you're sure the script is good -- or is it? You love them dearly, but are those closest to you just being kind or are they really telling you the truth? Wouldn't you like a source that will give you objective feedback on your script BEFORE you send it out into the world? If so, you've come to the right place.

Don't risk a chance at a possible sale, a freelance assignment or a screenwriting award on feedback from people that may be reluctant to tell you the truth. Worse yet, someone you trust suggests that something is not working in your material, but is unable to articulate it to you. How frustrating? But don't fret, help is available.

FAIR COVERAGE DOT COM provides fair and thoughtful studio style script coverage at a reasonable price. We judge the quality of the writing, irrespective of genre or potential market. It doesn't matter if your script is a thriller, an off-beat romantic comedy or an intimate drama, we're here to give you the feedback you need. Before you send it out into the marketplace, send it to us.

Who We Are

Okay, you're convinced that someone should look at the script, but you don't want to give it to just anybody, right? How about somebody that has evaluated material for the SAME people that may be READING your script?

FAIR COVERAGE was started by just one of those people. An entertainment veteran with nearly twenty years experience, Robert Wheaton has worked for production companies, a management company and has served as a judge for screenwriting competitions.

Just prior to starting FAIR COVERAGE, Robert completed a four year stint at Spirit Dance, Forest Whitaker's production company. While there, Spirit Dance developed material ranging from the intimate drama, "Green Dragon," winner of the prestigious Humanitas Prize, to "Chasing Papi," a romantic comedy that was released by Fox in the Spring of 2003. Robert assisted in the development of those projects as well as many others that have yet to go before the cameras. He also evaluated material that was developed and/or made by other companies. Needless to say, there were many more projects that he evaluated that never saw the light of day -- some for good reason!

Robert has always believed in judging material first and foremost on the quality of writing. Market considerations are important, but they should always be secondary. Buyer tastes change. Executives shift from one company to another. A property that doesn't fit with one company's development plans, may just be what another company is looking for. A good executive knows this and doesn't immediately discount an otherwise good script because it's not what's "hot" at the moment. Instead, that executive "tracks" that writer because one day that writer might have something a studio wants to buy. At the same time, a good writer is a good writer and that individual might be just the right person for a re-write or polish assignment on a script that the executive is developing.

Isn't that the kind of person you want to evaluate your script? Not someone who arrogantly declares what is "commercial" this week? By the time a film is released promoting a new "trend," it's too late to follow it. You're at least eighteen months behind the game. Don't get caught in that trap. Just write the best script you can.

FAIR COVERAGE can't promise you a seven figure sale, a development deal, or even a brilliant script, that's entirely up to you. What we will do is our best to helping you write a better screenplay. Come see and find out.

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