Script Coverage and Consultation Services

You've just spent weeks, if not months working on your latest script. Want to find if it's ready to send out to agents, production companies and studios? If so, you've come to the right place.

FAIR COVERAGE also evaluates novels, short stories, and produced films in the editing stage. In short we offer the following services:

  1. Screenplay Coverage
  2. Manuscript Coverage
  3. Editorial Feedback on Your Film or Video Project

Now on the other hand, if you're 100% positive that you've written a brilliant script that is destined to break box office records and win a truckload of awards, then you probably don't need us. We wish you much success.

However, even if there is even the smallest doubt about the greatness of your script, why not be sure? You may only get one shot at a potential buyer. Why not increase your chances of success?

Give Fair Coverage a try.

Check out this great service!

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