Services and Fees

(Effective 1 May 2003)

Script Coverage (Screenplays or teleplays)

STANDARD: This is similar to studio or production company coverage, except that the focus is primarily on the quality of the writing, rather than the script’s marketability. This is particularly helpful for a writer that already feels confident about the script and merely wants an objective critique before submitting it to agents, studios or production companies.

DEVELOPMENT: In addition to what’s provided in standard coverage, this service includes detailed notes on how to improve the script. It may also include notes on the actual script. This is helpful to both new and experienced writers, but in particular to those who may be grappling with a particular issue in their script.

1-30 pages N/A $85
31-80 pages $100 $175
81-130 pages $130 $225
131 pages & up $160 $275

Manuscripts (Narrative fiction)

This is similar to script coverage, but this service takes into account the different ways in which novels and short stories are told. Depending on the length and type of story, the synopsis is usually more detailed. AVAILABLE FOR STANDARD COVERAGE ONLY.

1-100 pages $130
101-200 pages $180
201-300 pages $230
301-400 pages $280
401 pages & up $350

Editorial Consultation (Film and video)

This service involves film and video projects in the post-production phase. While suggestions may be made for possible re-shoots, the emphasis is always on making the most of what’s already there.

1-30 minutes $60
31-60 minutes $90
61-90 minutes $120
91-120 minutes $150
121-150 minutes $180
151 minutes & up $225

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Additional services may also be available. Please let us know what your specific needs are and we’ll try to accommodate them. Remember, we’re here to help.

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